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Have you ever experienced a dream that you intuitively realized was conveying an important message and, yet, its meaning still eluded you?  

You are not alone in this experience.  This is a common dream experience shared by many dreamers because the language of dreams is symbolic and, oftentimes, mysterious to the dreamer.   

Dreams On The Go  demystifies the language of dreams and provides you with an easy and convenient way for you to obtain personal guidance on the meaning of your dream from any location ~~ at home, work, or play ~~ from almost anywhere in the world.   

Dreams On The Go offers a variety of personalized ~~ dreamer-centered  ~~  dream guidance and interpretation services from which you may choose to explore your dreams, beginning, most often, with the Basic Dream Consultation.   

Dreams On The Go also offers Advanced Dream Exploration services that actively engage the dreamer to experience his/her dreams more profoundly and with focused intention, for greater self-understanding, clarity, resolution, and enhanced well-being.    

Advanced Dream Exploration provides dreamers the unique opportunity to explore the multidimensional nature of the dreamscape through safe, guided, experiential learning methods.   

For dreamers interested in sharing their dream experiences with friends and peers, Dreams On The Go also offers dream circles and workshops.   

Dreams On The Go is dedicated to helping you actively engage the power and wisdom of your dreams for personal success and well-being.   ​                                                                                                                          

                                                                            ~~Janice Matturro~~ 


"A sacred being cannot be anticipated; it must be encountered."  
                               ~~ W.H. Auden