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Dream Reading/E-mail
The Basic Dream Consultation, via e-mail, is a timely and convenient way for the dreamer to obtain meaningful and practical insights relating to the meaning of his/her dream. 

The dreamer will have the opportunity to ask questions, and to share and explore all of the important elements presented in his/her dream. Helpful and meaningful insights are delivered to the dreamer, by Janice, with the specific intention to guide the dreamer to find his/her personal truth about the meaning of his/her own dream.  

Additionally, the dreamer is coached to identify creative ways in which the dreamer can integrate and apply his/her dream insights and dream guidance for personal success and well-being.  

Instructions for formatting a dream for the Basic E-Mail Dream Interpretation will be sent to the dreamer upon purchase at the Dream Store.  (If you have any questions, please contact us.) Once payment and the dream is received in the format requested, there is a three to four-day turnaround before the final dream interpretation is received, via return e-mail.  

The Dreams On The Go process is conversational and interactive. Therefore, there may be times when e-mails are exchanged, for further clarification, prior to and after the final dream interpretation is completed ~~ at no additional cost.

Basic Dream Consultation: E-mail
A Dream Reading is a value-added service that employs the Tarot for additional, complementary intuitive insights on an initial E-mail Basic Dream Interpretation. 

Tarot cards are pictorial representations of Ancient Wisdom. 
The Tarot speaks through symbolism, the same language of dreams. The pictures of the Tarot tell a symbolic story ~~ much like 
the symbolic stories of dreams. 

The symbolic language of the Tarot and the symbolic language of dreams moves one beyond the limitations of one's everyday consciousness toward a deeper and richer realm of Soul, where knowledge transcends perception.  

A Dream Reading simply tells a story about the meaning of a dream. It serves as a mirror to the realm of Soul, reflecting back a second opinion, so to speak, on the meaning of a dream. 


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