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Advanced Dream Exploration services are guided processes that incorporate professional success coaching, hypnosis and/or shamanic drumming.   Hypnosis and/or shamanic drumming facilitates a self-relaxed state of being that guides the dreamer ~~ ever so gently ~~ back into the dreamscape for an enriched dream experience.  

For your convenience, Dreams On The Go offers a FREE fifteen-minute consultation for all Advanced Dream Exploration services listed below. Schedule a free fifteen-minute consultation.  Contact Janice for more information.  

The meaning of a dream is encased inside the dream itself ~~ much like a beautiful pearl is encased inside an oyster shell, just waiting to be revealed.  One of the easiest ways to reveal the meaning of a dream is to experience the dream, and one of the best approaches to experiencing a dream is to re-enter a dream.  Dreams On The Go  offers two approaches to dream re-entry: Solo Dream Re-entry and Tandem Dream Re-entry: 
Solo Dream Re-entry is a one-hour session.  

The dreamer is gently guided back into his/her dream via hypnosis and/or shamanic drumming.  

Important elements of the dream are explored for further clarity, understanding, and resolution.  

Insights are shared, and the dreamer is coached to identify creative ways in which the dreamer can integrate and apply his/her dream insights and dream guidance for personal success and well-being.  

Solo Dream Re-Entry
In Person, Skype/Google Only*

Tandem Dream Re-Entry
In Person, Skype/Google Only*
Tandem Dream Re-entry is a one-hour session.  Hypnosis and/or shamanic drumming is employed. 

Tandem Dream Re-entry is a shared dream experience.  The dreamer invites Janice to enter his/her dream and, together, as a dream team, the dreamer and Janice simultaneously seek out specific information to answer the Where, What, When, WhoWhy, and How questions that are vitally important to the dreamer's understanding of his/her dream.  

Insights are shared, and the dreamer is coached to identify creative ways in which the dreamer can integrate and apply his/her dream insights and dream guidance for personal success and well-being.  

Dreams On The Go offers dreamers the exciting opportunity to explore the Imaginal Realm ~~ the realm of dreams and a reality that exists beyond time and everyday three-dimensional reality ~~ through Conscious Dream Journeys. 

The Imaginal Realm is not the realm of imagination, where things are made up. The Imaginal Realm is a real place, albeit an alternate reality, that comes to our awareness from a dimension that exists with an integrity and existence of its own. This awareness is brought forth through liminal states of mind.

Through guided, Conscious Dream Journeys, dreamers transcend their everyday limited minds and engage the greater Universal Mind ~~ where everything is One and the time is NOW ~~ for greater self-understanding and personal empowerment. 

The Conscious Dream Journey is a one-hour session.  

Hypnosis and/or shamanic techniques are employed to shift consciousness, enabling the dreamer to enter the Imaginal Realm. 

Guided, Conscious Dream Journeys allow for exploration of different orders of reality, for any number of reasons that are of particular interest and importance to the dreamer, for example:  *The dreamer may want to journey to a younger or older self to gain important insights that may assist the dreamer with his/her present life circumstances.  *The dreamer may choose to visit historical eras that tug at a past-life memory; or may simply choose to visit ancient locales, just for the fun of it!  *The dreamer may have a spiritual calling to dream with religious and spiritual Masters, or to meet his/her personal animal guardians and spiritual guides.   *The dreamer may want to travel through the energy centers of the body, or travel to the Moon and beyond.  *The dreamer may choose to journey to heal relationships with the departed, or aspects of themselves that have been lost in the shuffle of their life experiences.  *The dreamer may choose to experience other orders of reality, as experienced by Shamans, such as the Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds.  

Conscious Dream Journey
In Person, Skype/Google Only*
In life, with all of its ups and downs, challenges and disappointments, oftentimes, one is left feeling as if one were running on empty, without a song in one's heart and sense of joy in one's soul. Dreams On The Go  offers dreamers the opportunity to refresh themselves ~~ body, mind, and soul ~~ with dream infusions that transfer powerful imagery and life-affirming suggestions, for personal transformation and a renewed sense of joy.  

Dream Transfer Infusions 
In Person, Skype/Google Only* 
A Dream Transfer Infusion is a two-hour session.  

Professional Success Coaching, Advanced Hypnosis and Active Dreaming,  Reiki, and Intuitive Consultative techniques are employed.

The Dream Transfer Infusion is customized to meet the individual needs of the dreamer. Throughout the process, the dreamer is encouraged toward his/her personal truth and guided to integrate his/her inner and outer resources for meaningful transformation.  

Robert Moss is the Author of Active Dreaming and Originator of the Dream Transfer Process.

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