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Basic Dream Consultation:
In Person, Phone, or Skype/Google 
The Basic Dream Consultation (Live Consultation) is a 45-minute, interactive session, in which the dreamer is guided through a step-by-step dream interpretation process.  

Receiving a dream consultation, via phone, in person, Skype of Google enables the dreamer to obtain immediate, meaningful and practical insights into the meaning of his/her dream. 

The dreamer will have the opportunity to ask questions, and to share and explore all of the important elements presented in his/her dream. Helpful and meaningful insights are delivered to the dreamer, by Janice, with the specific intention to guide the dreamer to find his/her personal truth about the meaning of his/her dream.  

The dreamer is coached to identify creative ways in which the dreamer can integrate and apply his/her dream insights and dream guidance for personal success and well-being. 


Dream Reading:  In Person, Phone, 
or Skype/Google 
​A Dream Reading is a value-added service that employs the Tarot for additional, complementary intuitive insights on a Basic Dream Interpretation. 

Tarot cards are pictorial representations of Ancient Wisdom. 
The Tarot speaks through symbolism, the same language of dreams. The pictures of the Tarot tell a symbolic story ~~ much like the symbolic stories of dreams. 

The symbolic language of the Tarot and the symbolic language of dreams moves one beyond the limitations of one's everyday consciousness toward a deeper and richer realm of Soul, where knowledge transcends perception.  

A Dream Reading simply tells a story about the meaning of a dream. It serves as a mirror to the realm of Soul, reflecting back a second opinion, so to speak, on the meaning of a dream. 

$60.00 for a one-half hour Dream Reading
$120.00 for a one-hour Dream Reading

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