My Life In Dreams
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My Life In Dreams

Dreaming With Our Beloved Animals

by Janice Matturro on 07/10/16

On July 12th, I will be a guest on THE WAY OF THE DREAMER radio show, hosted by premier dream teacher and pioneer of Active Dreaming, Robert Moss -- famous author of various books on dream exploration. Our dream discussion centers around a topic close to our hearts and souls: Dreaming With Our Beloved Animals.

You can listen in live at 9:00 am PT and 12:00 pm ET OR download from archives after the broadcast on the Healthy Life.Net Radio Show -- either way you are in for a stimulating conversation on dreaming!


by Janice Matturro on 12/21/13

I am walking down a familiar street near my grandmother's house.  From a distance, I notice an outline of an animal's body.  At first, I imagined it was a delicate deer. I soon realize, however, that it is actually a salt and brown-peppered feathered bird of gigantic proportions.  It seems injured or wounded in some way. 

I snap a picture of the bird with my cell phone as it slowly carries its weight toward the top of an overpass.  Just as I finish snapping the picture the bird topples over the side of the overpass and disappears.  Did it fall into the river below? I wonder, with a sense of concern for its survival. 

Suddenly, just as quickly as it had disappeared over the side of the overpass it reappears, flying over the Hudson River headed in my direction, across a silent indigo sky with a wing spread that seemed to stretch for miles.  

I am now both terrified and awestruck as I understand its intentions.  It is definitely coming for me and my cell-phone.   With one swipe of its claw, the bird sweeps me off the ground and on its back.  I am now one with this magnificent bird, flying across the sky and over the river.  As I hold on for dear life, I can feel its plush ad soft feathers against my hands and face.  I can see its skin is thick with fat, and its claws are massive.

After a timeless flight, the bird lands and I am on the ground once more; but the bird is not quite finished with me.  It grabs my camera -- with an intense sense of authority -- and destroys it. Next, without warning, it grabs my right hand and begins to nibble on the palm of my hand.   I can feel its beak gnawing deeply into the palm of my right hand as I watch in sheer terror.  When the bird finally finishes nibbling, I gain the courage to peek at what is left of my right hand.  To my surprise, instead of mangled palm, I find the bird has written the word GOOD in gold right in the middle of my palm.


by Janice Matturro on 11/29/13

I met Madame C.J. Walker in 2006, years before I had ever heard her name or read her life story.   You see, Madame C.J. Walker died in 1919, at the age of 51. Since my own parents were born in 1919, obviously,  I could not have met her in person; rather, I met her in a dream:  Here’s an excerpt from my dream:

~~~~I am walking along Yonkers Avenue, in Westchester County, New York.  A beautiful African American woman is walking in my direction.  As she approaches me, she asks, “Are you lost?”   I point in the direction of the road straight ahead. “No. I’m walking in that direction.”

Secretly, I ask myself.  “Am I lost? Am I walking in the right direction?”   As if to read my mind, this lovely stranger extends a “helping hand” and begins to walk side-by-side with me along the path I chose to walk.   My curiosity is now awakened by this engaging woman.  I ask, “What is your name?”  She smiled. “My name is Walker.  Walker.” ~~~~

My sense of curiosity carried forth from my dream into my waking life.  I felt compelled to do some research on my dream “Walker” and came across the life of Madame C.J. Walker. When I saw her picture and read her life story, I knew the woman of my dreams was Madame C.J. Walker.  I was sure of this because of the way she presented herself to me in my dream and how specifically she expressed her name in tonality and facial expression.  Her appearance – her attire and, more specifically, her hair and the way she revealed her eyes  --  seemed very important to the woman of my dreams, and that gave clue to her identity.

If you have never heard of Madame C.J. Walker, you might be interested in learning about her life story.  It is an awesome and inspiring story:  Madame C.J. Walker was born in the deep-south to two former slaves; her birth name was Sarah.

At the age of 5 Sarah worked for $1 a week.
At the age of 7, Sarah was orphaned.
At the age of 14, Sarah married.
At the age of 17, Sarah had a daughter.
At the age of 20, Sarah was widowed.
For seventeen years,  Sarah worked as a washerwoman.

In her thirties, Sarah developed a problem -- her hair began falling out.  As any thirty-something woman would feel – and understandably so — Sarah was very upset. Sarah tried many different mixtures in an effort to solve her hair issues, but the answer to her problem came in a dream. Sarah's dream experience in her own words:

“A big, black man appeared to me and told me what to mix up in my hair.  Some of the remedy was grown in Africa; but I sent for it, mixed it, put it on my scalp, and in a few weeks my hair was coming in faster than it had ever fallen out."

Sarah’s dream was just the beginning.  Sarah decided to sell her own mixture after her friends had success with their own hair issues when using it -- and the rest is history:  Sarah became Madame C.J. Walker, the first, female American self-made millionaire and the head of an international, multi-million dollar corporation that offered over 5,000 product Agents an opportunity to achieve personal success, as well.  

Madame C.J. Walker built her dream home in Irvington, NY (Westchester County -- for those who are interested) where she died. Her estate still stands, and you can visit it today.

I have had the privilege of encountering Madame C.J. Walker in subsequent dreams, on several other occasions since we first met in my dream of 2006.     On my website,, and here on my Facebook page, I have posted a picture that I drew of  Madame C.J. Walker  that reflects the way she appears to me in my dreams.

I am deeply touched by the life story of Madame C.J. Walker.  She continually influences my work as a dream teacher and business professional..

Active Dreamers know that the departed visit us in our dreams and oftentimes serve as personal guides.  I invite you to share your own dreams stories about meeting people in your dreams who have touched your lives in unexpected ways.

References: Credit to the following: 
 “Madam Walker Essay” from by A’Lelia Bundles). 


by Janice Matturro on 11/14/13

Have you ever dreamed a dream about a dream? Last night I dreamed the following dream:

I am riding along in a car with two friends of mine.  We are crossing a bridge that is over a large body of water.  Suddenly, the bridge ends, exposing a dangerous drop into the water.  “ Whoa!” I shout.  “I have dreamed this dream a hundred times before.”

In the dream that I have dreamed a hundred times before, I  take the leap of faith and drive my car into the water where it connects with some type of mechanical  apparatus that keeps my car safely above water as it safely guides my car to shore --  much how a ramp at a car wash functions. 

This dream is different, though. I am not driving; I am sitting in the backseat. My friend, who is the driver, is driving at 90 miles per hour, and I notice that the windows of the car are dilapidated  -- kind of like old-fashioned roll up windows that are lopsided because they have come off their tracks. 

I don’t feel safe in this dream since I am not the driver's seat and, obviously, not in control of the situation. I decide to get out of the car and walk back to land, over the part of the bridge that is still intact.

What do you think, if this were your dream??


by Janice Matturro on 09/21/13

One of the “Nine Powers of Dreaming” is the power of dreams to show us what we need to keep our bodies well.*

I know this power very well.  A dream saved my life when I was in my twenties.  You can read the story of how my dream unfolded and guided me on the road to life in my blog, Sunny-Side Up Eggs, Bacon, and a Side of Dreams
(You may have to scroll down a bit to find the posting because it is the very first posting to my blog.)

Last night, I dreamed of being in the dentist’s office – not one of my favorite places to be.  I was sitting in the dentist’s chair, and a woman dentist was working, diligently, on my front tooth.  I thought to myself, “I have never been to a woman dentist before.”     

The dentist placed the left side of her face onto the right side of my face to get a closer look into the back of my tooth.  I am impressed with her dental skills as it seems to me she has a unique ability to see beyond the surface of my tooth without having to x-ray it.

After the dentist had completed her work, she turned to me and pointed to one of my two front teeth.    “If I were to choose what part of my body to begin taking care of, I would begin right here at this front tooth.”

This morning, I awakened with a sense of gratitude because it occurred to me that my dream dentist had given me a "heads up," even perhaps a temporary fix, buying me enough time to make an appointment with my dentist before an issue, requiring extensive dental work, manifests within my tooth.   

Active Dreamers know the importance of taking action on body-talk dreams.  The first thing Monday morning, I am going to make an appointment with my dentist to check out my front tooth – even though the dentist’s office is the last place I would choose to spend my time.

*Resources: Moss, Robert.  The THREE “ONLY” THINGS: tapping the power of dreams, coincidence & Imagination.  First. Novato, California: New World Library, 2007. 31-32. Print.

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