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DREAM CIRCLES: In Person, Skype/Google Only*
Dream circles may be arranged either at the Dreams on the Go home base, 
at a facility of your choice ~~ your home, meeting place, club, church, office, 
et cetera ~~  via Zoom.   

Dream Circles, oftentimes, incorporate Advanced Dream Exploration services that employ hypnosis and/or shamanic drumming.  Hypnosis and/or shamanic drumming facilitate a self-relaxed state of being that guides the dreamer ~~ ever so gently ~~ back into the dreamscape for further dream exploration.  

For your convenience, Dreams On The Go offers a FREE fifteen-minute consultation for individuals interested in forming a Dream Circle. 
The location of the dream circle is determined by Janice on an individual basis, based on travel considerations (distance and travel).   

Do you have like-minded friends, business associates, or family members, who 
are also interested in exploring and understanding the meanings of their dreams for personal success and well-being?


Dreams On The Go enables individuals to set up private dream circles for dream sharing in personalized group settings.   
Dream circles typically meet once a month and require a minimum of five people. Each month participants in the group will have the opportunity to share their dreams and to learn valuable and practical ways to explore their dreams more deeply and meaningfully

Dream circles are very flexible in format and content, offering dreamers the opportunity to set their dream exploration intentions.  

There are any number of ways that dream circle groups can join together to share their dream exploration intentions, for example:  *Artists, writers, poets, musicians, and actors, may choose to create dream circles to harvest creative inspiration from their dreams. *Other dream circle groups may wish to explore the spiritual aspects of dreaming, such as dreaming with the departed, with the Divine, or with the animal guardians.  *Adventurous dreamers may choose to explore shared dreaming, where dreamers rendezvous at a specific location within the dreamscape.  *Individuals, who are interested in learning about the multidimensional nature of the Universe might choose to explore dreaming the future, or dreaming to experience parallel universes. 
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Schedule a FREE Fifteen-minute Dream Circle Consultation here.