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Sunny-Side Up Eggs, Bacon, and a Side of Dreams

by Janice Matturro on 03/20/13

My father, John, was a dreamer in the most literal sense of the word.  He was a man who dreamed.  I learned a lot about dreams from my father, simply by observing how he applied his dream messages, in practical ways, to solve his everyday problems.   

As a practical dreamer, my father never dismissed his children's dreams by saying, "It's only a dream."  Rather, he encouraged his children to share their dreams by sharing his dreams, each morning, at the breakfast table. As soon as my father said, "I had a dream last night," he had our undivided attention.  

Breakfast was a fun-filled, family experience.  Hot buttered bagels ~~ fresh from the bagel factory; sunny-side up eggs ~~ my mother's favorite;  freshly brewed coffee, crispy bacon, and a side of dreams!  My father primed the dream pump and watered our dream interests right there at the breakfast table with dream stories of tips from Lady Luck and visits from spiritual Masters, including my father's favorite spiritual Master, Jesus.  

Is it any wonder why breakfast is my favorite meal? 

As an adult, I naturally assumed that everyone thought dreams were an important part of one's life.  The truth is, it simply never occurred to me to think otherwise; and that was a good thing.  
When I was about twenty-seven years old, I went to the doctor for my annual physical.   Thankfully, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health.  That evening, upon returning home from my annual checkup, I had a dream that challenged what I thought to be true:  [Warning: graphic imagery]

I am standing in an open room, and I am screaming at my doctor at the top  my lungs.  "I TOLD YOU TO CHECK MY ARM!! NOW LOOK AT WHAT THEY HAD TO DO; THEY HAD TO CUT IT OFF!!  In my dream, my arm had been cut off at the elbow and wrapped in a blood-stained white dressing.      

When I awakened from this dream, I awakened with a pressing feeling upon my chest and shoulders; I felt as if I were wearing an invisible, heavy cloak. I could not shake the heavy feeling off, no matter how hard I tried, even after my morning shower. Immediately, I called my doctor and insisted that he see me that same day.   

Back at the doctor's office, my doctor checked my arm, taking notice that a little lump ~~ the size of a mosquito bite ~~ that I had on my arm my entire life, was now casting a slight blueish hue.  "You know," he said, "I think I will send you to a surgeon to have this removed."  

When the surgeon removed the little lump, to his surprise, he found a tumor hidden deeply under the skin, near my elbow.  I could not believe the size of the tumor; it was as big as a large, green grape.   Luckily, the tumor was fully encapsulated. 

I don't know what would have happened had I not paid attention to my dream. What I do know, however, is this:  I have a tremendous sense of gratitude to my father and his unfailing faithfulness to his dreams because he inspired me to have confidence in my own dreams.   Without my father's foundation, I may have brushed off this dream, by telling myself, "It's only a dream."  

I wear a dream scar on my right arm, exactly at the location where my arm was cut off in my dream ~~ slightly above the elbow. It is a daily reminder that dreams do, indeed, weave the patterns of our lives.  

As a Dream Teacher and Professional Dream Coach, I am dedicated to helping you actively engage the meaning of your dreams for personal success and well-being. 

You are welcome to share your dream stories, too! 

Comments (3)

1. Paul said on 3/22/13 - 08:58AM
Very well done and insightful. It certainly demonstates the power and importance dreams can have.
2. Pearlan said on 3/24/13 - 07:05AM
Your story inspires me to share with all who may be unsure about valuing their dreams. I value what the subconscious mind shares with me. Hope others do too as they learn from you.
3. Janice said on 3/30/13 - 04:10AM
Thank you Pearlan. Yes, it is true that we have a wonderful source of inner-wisdom!

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